Eastbay E-waste is a New York City registered electronic waste collection and recycling company with extensive years of valuable experience in the domain. Based in California, New York we are offering our state-of-the-art services to the residential, commercial and industrial sector. We are one of the highly acclaimed, widely appreciated, globally minded, but locally operated e-waste recycler. Our proficiencies and adeptness extend to providing methods of e-waste recycling and data destruction in compliance with the highest standards in EPA recommendations.

After the New York City government’s decision to put in place Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act, in the year 2011-2016 more than 520 million pounds or 260,000 tons of electronic waste was collected and diverted from fills and combustion facilities to e-waste recyclers for reuse and recycling. This change has paved a way for the preservation and conservation of our valuable natural resources.

Eastbay E-waste being a contributor in this change is rolling out e-waste collection and recycling services to thousands of homes, businesses and industries. We are head strong and strongly committed to responsibly render recycling practices and efficient e-waste management. Banking on the skills and industry experience of our workers and technicians, our strongly-lit ability to collect, process and de-manufacture rejected and scrap electronics are second to none.

Still confused about the dynamics of the word E-waste? E-waste is a terminology used by nations around the world to denote electronic waste, electrical or electronic devices that are unwanted, non-working, Non-functional, or obsolete and are ready to either fill the landfills or directed to e-waste recycler for recycling and reuse. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, or WEEE – is a hurdle, individuals and businesses try to surpass every day. The week includes everything that has a plug or needs a battery charging. Eastbay E-waste guides homes and business in developing a sense of responsibility towards the environment and the planet by treading on the path of recycling and reuse. Our intuitive and forward approach in this domain has pushed us forward as one of US’s most reputed WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) management and E-waste companies.

Eastbay E-waste works in collaboration with US government accredited compliance schemes to warranty safe, reliable, prompt and secure destruction of electronic waste. We genuinely feel that the art of doing business lies in making a long-term association with our clients and keeping them in the loop at every stage of the process. Our reputation in the E-waste management industry has been the pure case of reliability, efficiency, professionalism and compliance.

Eastbay E-waste is looking forward to having you as our client for electronic waste recycling. If you have not used your electrical or electronic devices in ages, we assure you that we can definitely help you with an easy, stress-free and prompt product pick-up. At our recycling facility, the process flows like this
Product Diagnose > Repairs > Data Destruction > Asset Disposition >Recycling > Documentation Certifying your Contribution.


Services We Gladly Provide


If you are not interested in using your electronic devices anymore and are looking forward to handing them over to an e-waste recycling firm, then we are more than happy to help you. Send your product and we will recycle it for you. To schedule a pickup from Eastbay E-waste, simply contact us via our website form that is available to you. Fill in the details given in the form and we will schedule a pick up from our end. A representative of ours will be at your doorstep to collect the items. We will make sure that the recycling and data destruction procedures are in strict compliance with the US standards. Upon completing the form via email, you will receive a reply instructing you of what comes next. We are more than happy to serve you.


Eastbay E-waste is a reputed and authorized e-waste recycler that will assist you in deciding what you need to do with your electronic waste. We push all our clients towards the path of recycling and reuse to help contribute towards a cleaner and sustainable planet. The disposal and recycling of electronic waste need to be done the right way. In strict compliance with the rules and laws laid down by the NYC Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act, we ensure that all our procedures are not only cost-effective but are also sustainably carried out. Once we have your product under at our facility, we will segregate them into different categories based on your future usage: destruction, remarketing and recycling.


As a morally stable and ethically excellent e-recycler, we feel that it is our responsibility to make better use of your electronic product recycled under our premises and is remarketed or reused to extract its renewed potential. Eastbay E-waste pays utmost attention to data privacy. If you want all the confidential and sensitive data wiped or completely destroyed from your hardware equipment before they are remarketed, we assure you that we are a licensed data erasure company that will provide you with a certificate of destruction, cementing the fact that your data is now being completely cleaned form your hardware and under no circumstances, we or anybody else will be able to view, copy or access it.


Recycling is making discarded and unwanted electrical and electronic devices functional and efficient again. Eastbay E-waste’s electronic waste recycling reprocesses and reuses electrical and electronic equipment and devices of any type that has been discarded or regarded as non-working or obsolete. E-waste recycling is cementing their hold in the recycling industry and is coming out to be a great initiative to protect mankind and environment from the continuous depletion of fossil fuels and other natural resources. Eastbay E-waste provides convenient and safe commercial and residential recycling services according to the guidelines set by the EPA.


Reverse Logistics has written everything “green” over it. The very path of Reverse Logistics is paved with operations laced with the reuse of products and materials. Here at Eastbay E-waste our professionally trained and experienced workers offer a secure and efficient collection of electronic waste from your doorstep, for the purpose of return/exchange, repair, refurbishment, remarketing and disposition of products. We also take it upon ourselves to smoothly carry out the whole transportation process and strive hard to securely store the product on our premises with a detailed chain of custody tracking throughout the process. Keeping you in a loop and paying undeterred attention to your requirements, we only devise you the solutions that agree with your specific financial and security needs.


The electronic waste that Eastbay E-waste pick from the individuals and companies is either repaired or handed back to the clients. They can also be dissembled part by part, recycled, remarked and reused for making new products. Hardware equipment that we find might contain some confidential, personal or sensitive data will be completely destroyed so that no individual under our facility can,view copy or access it under any circumstances. We are a licensed data erasure company that will abide by your decision of complete privacy protection. Upon complete data destruction, we will frame a certificate assuring you with the knowledge that the deed has been successfully done. As an authorized and licensed e-waste recycler, it is our responsibility to take special care of your possessions when picked up and brought to our recycling facility.