What is
Electronic E-Waste?

E-waste is a term used to denote electrical or electronic devices that are discarded or have essentially reached the end of their useful life. In 2012, a law-abiding act was initiated for the e-waste management companies. The New York State Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act have laid down some rigorous laws for the residents and businesses concerning the proper disposal of electronic e-waste. Eastbay E-waste a division of Blue Star Company is assisting home and businesses in recycling, remarketing and reusing their electronic devices providing comprehensive E-Waste Management for California.


Dismantling and deconstruction of components and raw materials of discarded and E-waste...


Complete erasure of data from hard disks and other forms of electronic media making them unreadable...


Secure, compliant and absolute recovery of your electronic device after it has been successfully recycled...


Our experts will be at your doorstep to collect the electronic device(s) from you. Minimum One Pallet...


If you have moved office spaces, moved into a whole new building, downsized, or even upgraded offices, then you will definitely need to clean the old one out (electronics, furniture, wire and etc). Search Results Web results East Bay eWaste is here to help.


Eastbay E-Waste

Making Future A Better Place to Be In

If you don’t want to throw away your future, you better not throw away your electronic devices without giving recycling and reusing a second thought. Divesting from fossil fuels is one way to save the planet from further degradation. But, there has to be an alternative for the companies to turn to. Recycling and reusing is a small drop in the sea of change, but it is a CHANGE nonetheless.

Eastbay E-waste is a leading e-waste recycler committed to helping the environment and the planet Earth by giving individuals and businesses a platform to recycle and reuse. We’ll only be able to change the face of this planet by recycling one bag at a time.

Eastbay E-waste has been in the business of extending households and companies in the major cities of New York City (California) with electronic waste recycling, remarketing and reusing services that are not only effective but are also affordable to the best. Not finding a proper dispose outlet for laptops, desktops, servers and other electronic devices are turning out to be a major concern for businesses and households and a serious global issue.

You might see your old, discarded, non-working and non-functional electronic devices as trash about to see the depths of the bin but Eastbay E-waste being the leading recycler in the E-waste Recycling industry sees your electronic waste from a different perspective. Our trained and highly professional technicians will try to revive your electronic bauble, if not; our asset disposition and data destruction workers will see to it that your device has been properly recycled and that you have contributed impeccably towards saving the environment.

We are excited to now offer full and partial office cleanouts and moves (E-waste, wiring, furniture, etc.). Please don’t hesitate to schedule a pick-up request above or reach out to us for details.


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