Bluestar, Inc. management team has vast experience dealing with the unique aspects of electronics reverse logistics. We offer secure and efficient collection, transportation, and storage services with a detailed chain of custody tracking throughout the process.

We will work with you to customize the right solution for your specific financial and security needs. For example, we can provide a variety of containers for onsite collection, audit, and asset registration services on pickup, and either dedicated or consolidated routes and storage prior to processing. We can also provide site clearance and decommissioning services. Our transparent reporting systems allow you visibility and data about your shipments at all times.

Logistics Solutions Management

At Bluestar, Inc., we understand the importance of the Reverse Logistics process and are prepared to find solutions for your reverse supply chain, as well as take on the management for organizations so they can be confident that it’s done with safety, security, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. Within this process, Bluestar, Inc. provides the following services to their customers

Compliance Management / Take-Back and Reporting

Take-Back Regulatory Compliance over multiple governmental jurisdictions is a complex, often daunting, task. Bluestar, Inc., along with its partners, removes the complexity from this process by providing cost-efficient, environmentally sound solutions that meet all legislative obligations and imposed customer requirements.

Internal Reuse Programs

When offices close down or specific departments within an organization do not have available space to store their still-in-circulation equipment, we can pick up, store and re-deploy that equipment for our clients on an as needed basis.

Logistic Services Offered by Blue Star Company, Inc.

1. Pallets for Pick Up

We give Pallet Pick Up benefit crosswise over California. With regards to gathering pallets for reusing, the precise recognizable proof and arranging of incoming pallets are critical. A few sorts of pallets have more an incentive than others, while some organization marked pallets, including rental pallets, must be made accessible for come back to their proprietors. Unapproved ownership of restrictive pallets can leave the pallet gatherer confronting legal exposure.

The most famous pallet sizes or footprints are shown in the table above, beginning with the predominant size, the 48×40-inch. The 48×40 GMA-style bed has been the hugest size dealt with by the pallet recycling industry, and truth be told, the most well-known footprint for general pallet utilization in the U.S., representing more than 30% of U.S. pallet generation. Other significant sizes recorded above, be that as it may, are likewise frequently refurbished and amassed for resale. Examples include the 48×48 drum pallet, 40×40 dairy pallet, and the 36×36 refreshment pallet.

Most Popular Pallets for Pick up and Recycling

Pallet Size Industries Used
48×40″ Food Products
42×42″ Chemical
48×42″ Chemical
40×48″ Military
48×48″ Chemical
44×44″ Steal
40×40″ Diary
36×36″ Beverage
48×36″ Paper

Larger Pallets Useful for Dismantling and Reutilization

Large sized pallets can be valuable for repairing or building custom smaller pallets out of recycled wood. Longer pieces can be recouped from dismantled pallets and trimmed to the coveted length. In addition to sorting by size, pallet recyclers may have a few distinct classifications in view of deck board thickness, pallet sort, and also by condition or kind of damage, so as to enhance the productivity of their repair operations. Pallets with a lot of damage or of unpopular sizes are frequently disassembled for lumber recovery. Unusable wood is destroyed and sold into various markets.

CHEP Pallets

CHEP pallets remain the property of CHEP, and must be made accessible for come back to them. It isn’t generally conceivable to take out the stream of inbound CHEP beds into your yard, be that as it may. For instance, van trailers dropped at distribution center may return with a heap of pallets that incorporates some CHEP beds also. As CHEP beds accumulate, organizations must make courses of action with CHEP to have them gotten, or to convey them back to the CHEP warehouse. CHEP has a program to repay recyclers for the cost of accumulating and restoring its pallets. We can help you with sorting, picking up and sending CHEP pallets to CHEP warehouses.

Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Also, some may be branded with owner information. One example of a proprietary pallet which must be returned is the U.S. Postal Service pallet. Many plastic pallets are proprietary, and remain the property of their owners, even if left outside. For other plastic pallets, however, markets may exist for them. They are valued for export purposes as they are ISPM-15 exempt for international shipment. Markets for used plastic pallets exist, however, the availability of inexpensive new plastic export pallets limits the price of used plastic pallets in the market.

Plastic pallets arrive in an assortment of sizes and shapes. Additionally, some might be marked with proprietor data. One case of an exclusive pallet which must be returned is the U.S. Postal Service pallet. Numerous plastic pallets are restrictive, and remain the property of their proprietors, regardless of the possibility that left outside. Other plastic pallets are esteemed for trade purposes as they are ISPM-15 absolved for worldwide shipment. Irrespective of the pallet type, we collect all types of pallets and recycle them or return it to the respective proprietors.

Presswood Pallets

Another type of pallet we pick up and recycle is the presswood pallet. These nestable pallets are likewise ISPM-15 excluded and are more unbending than numerous plastic pallets. If volumes permit, they can be accumulated and resold. They can be gathered and exchanged.

iGPS Pallets

Like CHEP pallets, plastic iGPS pallets are proprietary rental pallets. Arrangements must be made to return them to iGPS. iGPS has deployed GPS chips in some of its pallets so it can follow them when they spill out of their system. We can identify iGPS pallets from your yard, pick it up and send back to the respective proprietors.

 2. Furniture Pick up and Recycling

Our thoroughly background checked luggers are benevolent and professionally prepared to securely and mindfully expel undesirable furniture from your home with least hassle. Our eco-friendly focusmakes it significantly easier to let to go of furniture you never again need or utilize, and you can be certain we’ll give or reuse everything from lounge chairs to wooden furniture.

Regardless of whether we’re handling tables and dressers, sleeping cushions and box springs, or love seats and nursery furniture.

We frequently give what we take to nearby philanthropies, so you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing your old top picks are being put to great use in another home. Giving your things not just aides those in need, it also helps to alleviate some of the cost of our service in the form of a tax-deductible receipt for any items we are able to donate on your behalf.

No household item is too heavy or awkward. Just call us, answer the entryway, and we’ll haul away your old furniture as ahead of schedule as that day. What’s more, in the event that we can give anything to one of our numerous philanthropy accomplices, we will give you a receipt for your tax deductions.

3. Container Rentals

Containers for Moving

Our containers are built for life. That implies they withstand the snow, warmth, rain, and whatever else our local weather person can forecast. We’re here to make life simpler for you, and we don’t stop when need comes. You pack when you’re prepared and we’ll drop off and get on your timetable. At whatever point you choose you require, call us and we’ll deliver it where you are across California. Moving is distressing, and the administrations you depend on simply need to work. Our committed customer support is here for you when you require it. Our in-house moving administration can enable you when you to require that additional help. We certify our moving accomplices to be safe and reliable.

Containers for Storage

Our Portable Storage stores your things when you are not utilizing it. Tell us when you require it and we’ll drop it off with the goal that you can switch up the things you need to store and the things you don’t. Our gated storerooms are observed 24 hours so your things are 100% safe. We have numerous areas across California, so your container is constantly stored close for quick conveyance, when you require it.

We drop off, pick up, and store it. All you have to do is drop your stuff inside.

 4. Pick up of Styrofoam

Styrofoam is also called Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS). In the event that it is landfilled, the material never separates. At the point when it’s scorched, it makes a poisonous toxic ash. With the Christmas season particularly, there’s a deluge of it encompassing our presents and landing at our doorsteps. Polystyrene’s endowments are additionally a revile – its light weight and strength make it such an awesome bundling material, however right now in the USA, foam packaging is being recycled at a rate of just around 10-12% every year.

We require at least 2 mass packs (bulk bags) for every pickup. You will be furnished with free bulk bags that can be grabbed on a regular or on-call schedule. We give week after week pickups over every one of the urban communities in California.

5. Pick up of Batteries

We give following day pickup of each battery type, regardless of where you are inside California or what number of batteries you have. Simply connect and we’ll deal with everything.

Our custom pickup services are intended to have us handle all the diligent work, with the goal that you can return to doing what you excel at. We utilize EPA-approved facilities to ensure

We give a full-service battery recycling solution that can deal with ALL your battery reusing needs. We offer custom transportation and reusing forms for everything from consumer batteries like lithium-particle batteries, to industrial batteries like UPS batteries.

You’re generally compliant with state and government laws, equipped to recycle each kind of battery, including lead-corrosive batteries, lithium-particle batteries, and more.

We offer following day pickup services, and furthermore offer white-glove benefit choices when required. Our top notch transportation and reusing services are intended to fit any of your battery recycling needs, and give you detailed documentation to help deal with the hazard and obligation all throughout the process.

Our top priority is to give a positive commitment to ecological sustainability. With a huge number of pounds of risky lead-corrosive chemicals as yet sitting in landfills, we realize that our services can help put a conclusion to this unequivocally.

Types of batteries that we pick up:

We can recycle ALL sorts of batteries in a naturally dependable and safe process. The following are a portion of the basic battery types that we recycle frequently.

Sealed Lead Acidic Batteries: Commonly used battery for engine starting and power storage.

Electrical Vehicle Batteries: Commonly found in trucks, commercial vehicles and other electric vehicles.

Absolyte Batteries: Electrical storage batteries found in mission critical applications.

UPS Batteries: Electrical storage batteries used for uninterruptible power supplies.

Telecom Batteries: Often found in mission critical equipment and communications equipment.

NiCad Batteries: Applications include aircraft, standby power, and oil & gas.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries: Used in power storage and some motive applications.

Lithium Ion Batteries: Found in laptops, cell phones, and other electronic devices.

Lithium Thionyl Batteries: Often used to power meters, circuit boards, and electronic hardware.

Industrial Batteries: Commonly found in large applications such as forklifts and trains.

Car Batteries: Lead acid batteries used for starting vehicles.

 6. Light Bulb Pick Up and Recycling Services

We consider environmental responsibility seriously, so you can reuse your spent lights, fluorescent tubes and more with certainty. Compact fluorescent light (CFLs) contain a little measure of mercury. While changing to vitality productive CFLs helps save energy, they should be recycled properly to avert mercury exposure. We will ensure your bulbs go through the best possible recycle process from beginning to end.

We recycle the following bulb and lighting products:

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Fluorescent Tubes

Circular Fluorescent

U Bend Fluorescent

Plastic Coated and Shatter Shield

Spot/Flood Lamps

UV and Germicidal Lamps



Cold Cathode

Metal Halide

High Pressure Sodium

Mercury Vapor