Eastbay E-waste is widely known for carrying out responsible and secure electronic recycling in California. We take pride in extending the citizens of California sustainable and efficient disposable of their discarded and obsolete electronics to divert the waste from reaching the already flooded landfills. It is quintessential that the electric and electronic devices that are nearing their end or are already there are managed properly to prevent them from harming the environment and the communities in which these devices are disposed of. Here at Eastbay E-waste, we will make sure that the unwanted devices are picked up from your doorstep at your request; the data stays under the wraps for nobody to view, copy and access or is completely cleaned from your hardware.

Don’t throw it away, send it to us!

If you genuinely want to recycle your unwanted and non-working electrical and electronic items securely, efficiently, and responsibly then recycle with Eastbay E-waste. We are optimally resourced to fully support the operations of Recycling, Remarketing, Re-deployment, Data Security, Data Destruction, Corporate Employee Sales and Lease return. We have the state-of-the-art computer crushers and electronic device shredders that provide a very secure method of disposing of your equipment. With us, onsite physical data destruction and e-waste disposal will be streamlined to the T.

Eastbay E-waste is a trustworthy and respected name in the recycling community widely known for their commitment to protecting the environment and culturing long-term associations. Keeping up to the stature we’ve been awarded with, recycling is not the only agenda we pay emphasis to, we also ensure that the components of the disposed of electronics are remarketed and are given new life in new products.

Why is E-waste recycling important these days?

Going by the statistics provided by the EPA, there is an additional 20-50 million metric tons of e-waste per year globally. According to California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery, in California alone, “estimated 120 million electronic devices are purchased each year, 273,878 tons of (mostly non-CEW) electronics make their way to California landfills each year, 46% of household hazardous waste collected by local governments is e-waste, and roughly $55 billion is lost globally each year as a result of e-waste being trashed instead of recycled.” Thrown away electronics instead of recycled pave a way for the secretion of toxic compounds in the environment and thus is responsible for causing pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases.

Eastbay E-waste as a certified recycler is running recycler programs to mitigate the rising risks of this global issue.

How Recycling with us is the best decision you’ll make?

Do you know that electronic waste is laced with small deposits of precious metals that are 40-50% more in value than the ores mined from the earth? Eastbay E-waste as the licensed e–recycler recovers treasured components from the time-worn electronic items and is reused to give life to new products.

E-waste also contains deposits of plastic and glass which when left untreated can contribute significantly to the environmental pollution. Eastbay E-waste is armed with equipment and processes to properly salvage plastic and glass remains.

Eastbay E-waste extends its customers zero-cost e-waste pick up facility from their home or office. To schedule a free pick-up you just need to fill out the form given on the website and a representative will be at your doorstep to pick up the items.

Through our recycling, remarketing and reusing initiative we are contributing towards putting a full stop to a rapid elevation in the production of solid waste.

Electronics are built with certain substances which when not accessed properly can release harmful and toxic fumes in the environment like lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium. Eastbay E-waste makes sure that these toxic substances are properly processed and are not released into the environment.

Eastbay E-waste has under their umbrella trained and qualified employees who know what they are doing to the T. Each year we expand our family creating new job opportunities and improving the country’s economy.

Eastbay E-waste has dug its toes deep into this industry and has claimed their stature by employing some of the best methods to recycle, reclaim and reuse.